Therapy Changes Lives

My practice is based on the principle that the way we think directly influence the way we feel and the way we behave. I conceptualize, diagnose, and treat clients based on a Cognitive Behavior Therapy approach which identifies “dysfunctional”, “irrational” thinking that causes people to experience depression, anxiety, frustration, and/or anger. CBT reminds people that they control their own emotional destiny according to whether they think in healthy, rational ways or unhealthy, irrational ways. First, I teach the client to recognize words, thoughts, and events that trigger negative, irrational, distorted thoughts. Secondly, I teach the client to reframe the negative, irrational, distorted thoughts by modeling techniques that dispute and challenge the faulty thinking.

I have been providing psychological services for over 15 years to a diverse population of children, adolescents, adults, and senior adults seeking individual and couple therapy. I am an active and supportive listener who demonstrates genuineness, warmth, empathy, and sensitivity. It has been stated that “her genuine, warm, and friendly manner makes her an easy person to be with and contribute to the ease with which she establishes rapport with clients”. I specialize in depression, bi-polar, generalized anxiety, lesbian issues, women issues (i.e., postpartum depression, infertility, menopause), life coaching, and psychological testing (i.e., intelligence, learning disability, ADD/ADHD, autism, personality, memory, age-related cognitive changes, and pre-bariatric surgery assessment).

I received my Doctor of Psychology degree from Alliant University: California School of Professional Psychology. I teach psychology classes at private and public community colleges, 4-year universities, and graduate schools within Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Clarita counties.

Motivation is the key to change…accepting change is the key to healthy living


By Appointment Only: Monday-Thursday 10am-7pm, Friday 9am-1pm

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